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MMR Vaccine and Breastfeeding

As the MMR cases continue to spread I am aware that adults without documented vaccine are being called in to receive their immunisation especially in areas where cases are high like Birmingham and London.

If you are breastfeeding you can have the MMR jab and breastfeed as normal.

From the Green Book https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5e021b9140f0b6665e80187b/Greenbook_chapter_21_Measles_December_2019.pdf

“Breast-feeding is not a contraindication to MMR. Immunisation, and MMR vaccine can be given to breast-feeding mothers without any risk to their baby. Very occasionally, rubella vaccine virus has been found in breast milk, but this has not caused any symptoms in the baby (Buimovici-Klein et al., 1997; Landes et al., 1980; Losonsky et al., 1982). The vaccine does not work when taken orally. There is no evidence of mumps and measles vaccine viruses being found in breast milk.”

MMR vaccine is not recommended for patients with severe immunosuppression as it is a live vaccine

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