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The menopause and breastfeeding

I’m seeing increasing numbers of questions form mums in the perimenopause who are still breastfeeding. Maybe they delivered later or maybe they have been feeding to term or maybe lots of other reasons. I remember asking for blood tests to check my hormone levels because I just couldnt think clearly anymore and my memory was poor which wasnt ideal as I was just becoming an independent pharmacist prescriber! My levels had indeed dropped and I went on to HRT. This may not be everyone’s choice or be suitable for them

I have spent many hours this year looking for guideance on HRT and breastfeeding and failed to find any studies or conclusive data. Everything is anecdotal at the moment but I hope this information helps.

As usual please message me on wendy@breastfeeding-and-medication.co.uk if you have a question

The menopause and breastfeeding factsheet

Pivmecillinam and breastfeeding

Not a common antibiotic but often the cause of mothers being told to stop breastfeeding without good cause

Pivmecillam and Breastfeeding

Introduction to the pharmacokinetics of drugs in breastmilk for midwives

I am all too aware of the gaps which many professionals find in their knowledge after training. That is why we all need to undertake CPD. I have written this brief introduction for midwives who see mothers during their pregnancy and after delivery. Midwives are often more accessible than medics, they may be seen as more approachable, they care about as well as for, women throughtout their career, they help to train junior doctors. So I hope this will help them to understand more about how drugs pass into breastmilk and where to seek more information if needed. Happy to provide training via Microsoft Teams if you wish and to answer any emails. Wendy@breastfeeding-and-medication.co.uk.

Hope this is useful but please feedback if you need more, less, more details, any changes. And dont for get the books!

Introduction to the pharmacokinetics of drugs in breastmilk for midwives