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Carbimazole in women of childbearing age

As for the valproate fact sheet this information on carbimazole taken for over active thyroid is included so that women who may become pregnant are aware of potential risks .


This factsheet gives further information

carbimazole and pregnancy

Valproate and pregnancy

I know that this page is about breastfeeding and medication but I think that is important to share this too. I started writing it for another organisation a year ago but it hasnt gone anywhere so now it is here.

Anyone who is on sodium valproate (Epilim) should be taking adequate contraceptive protection

https://www.fsrh.org/news/mhra-contraception-drugs-birth-defects-fsrh-guidance/ .

It could be for epilepsy or it could be as a mood stabiliser but it is essential that you do not become pregnant. This factsheet explains why

valproate in pregnancy

Caffeine and Breastfeeding

Several questions have come up recently about caffeine intake and breastfeeding. With spending more time indoors we are probably all drinking more caffeinated beverages.

Most of us drink caffeine in one form or another. Women who drink a significant amount of caffeinated drinks who notice that their babies are jittery and restless, may find reduction in caffeine consumption leads to resolution of symptoms. This does not mean that all breastfeeding women need to restrict their consumption of tea and coffee A baby who appears restless may benefit from lowered caffeine intake by the mother but for the average consumption there is little evidence to support restricting intake. From research maternal consumption below 300 milligrammes a day should not cause issues for breastfed babies.

Extract reproduced from Breastfeeding and Medication 2018 by Jones W (Routledge, London)