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Carbimazole in women of childbearing age

As for the valproate fact sheet this information on carbimazole taken for over active thyroid is included so that women who may become pregnant are aware of potential risks .


This factsheet gives further information

carbimazole and pregnancy

Valproate and pregnancy

I know that this page is about breastfeeding and medication but I think that is important to share this too. I started writing it for another organisation a year ago but it hasnt gone anywhere so now it is here.

Anyone who is on sodium valproate (Epilim) should be taking adequate contraceptive protection

https://www.fsrh.org/news/mhra-contraception-drugs-birth-defects-fsrh-guidance/ .

It could be for epilepsy or it could be as a mood stabiliser but it is essential that you do not become pregnant. This factsheet explains why

valproate in pregnancy

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