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Citalopram and breastfeeding

Especially over the past year of the pandemic many mothers are asking about the compatibility of citalopram during breastfeeding. It has been a hard time for everyone with the incidence of anxiety and depression continuing to rise. As access to IAPT ( https://www.england.nhs.uk/mental-health/adults/iapt/) may be more difficult the prescription of medication is inevitable. Alternative CBT access may be available on line via and IESO (https://www.iesohealth.com/en-gb)

Citalopram is widely used and we have a high level of experience with it over many years. It is the drug of choice if it has been used by the mother in the past.

Unfortunately many doctors are, in my experience, still recommending that mothers should stop breastfeeding in order to take antidepressants. This may be that they think life would be easier if someone else could help with care of the baby or that the mother may get more sleep. Sadly, this doesnt always happen and the loss of oxytocin may also lower mood further.

There is often an assumption that pressure to breastfeed can lead to depression but in my experience pressure to stop breastfeeding in order to take medication may increase depression and may also stop mothers accessing professional help to avoid having that discussion.

This link to the RCGP perinatal mental health toolkit may be useful for professionals and parents

RCGP perinatal mental health toolkit

This factsheet contains information from my book Breastfeeding and Medication. Please message me for references used or with any questions.

citalopram and breastfeeding factsheet

Breastfeeding and chronic medical conditions contains chapters on anxiety and depression


Hayfever and breastfeeeding

This is the beginning of the hayfever season with the sun coming out so today I recorded the video about the compatibility of drugs to treat symptoms and breastfeeding

I’ve also uploaded the powerpoint which I used to present this that you can share


hayfever and breastfeeding powerpoint


Mirtazapine and breastfeeding

One of the newer ways of treating depression is Mirtazapine. It is structurally dissimilar to SSRIs and tricyclic antidepressants. It produces fewer symptoms of sexual dysfunction that have been reported in SSRIs and is particularly useful if insomnia is present as part of the depression picture. We all know of those long nights as you struggle to sleep but your brain wont stop.

The literature on breastfeeding is poor with only 11 breastfeeding mothers in total studied but the poor oral bio-availability together with the studies is reassuring that little passes into milk but as with all centrally acting drugs we should be observing the baby for signs of increased drowsiness or poor feeding

Mirtazapine and breastfeeding factsheet

If you found this useful you might like to consider buying the book from which the information was taken. Please email me with any questions wendy@breastfeeding-and-medication.co.uk

Breastfeeding and Chronic Medical Conditions

Today is my birthday but I decided I wanted to share my day with the wider world so I have decreased the price of Breastfeeding and Chronic Medical Conditions. The paperpack is now £9.99 instead of £14.99 and the kindle reduced to £4.99 from £9.99 . I hope that it answers many of the questions asked including painkillers, antibiotics and procedures as well as breastfeeding problems and the many medical conditions.

Rosacea and breastfeeding

It is funny how questions come in groups. At the moment many mothers are contacting me with questions about Rosacea particularly wanting to use Soolantra (Ivermectin cream).

This is the chapter from my book Breastfeeding and Chronic Medical Conditions which I hope helps.

The information on ivermectin cream is limited but Hale suggests a relative infant dose of 1.3 even after oral medication, so topical absorption is unlikely to affect a breastfed infant.

I have today (5th March 2021) reduced the price of the paperback and kindle version of Breastfeeding and Chronic Medical Conditions.

Please email me with any questions wendy@breastfeeding-and-medication.co.uk

Rosacea and breastfeeding factsheet