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Perinatal mental health and Breastfeeding

I have recorded the presentation which I have frequently given about perinatal mental health and breastfeeding. It should be used after listening to ” How drugs get into milk”

How do drugs get into breastmilk?

as it contains the pharmacokinetic data of drugs prescribed for perinatal mental health including SSRIs, anti anxiety medication and anti psychotics. It also includes research studies about the links between mental health and breastfeeding.

I hope this may increase prescriber’s knowledge as well as empower peer supporters and parents.


How do drugs get into breastmilk?

I have recorded this powerpoint to help everyone understand how drugs pas into milk and by appreciating this how we can evaluate the information within specialist sources. I hope it is useful CPD for professionals. The information is in all my books if you want to read more.

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A Guide To Supporting Breastfeeding For The Medical Profession, Amy Brown and Wendy Jones
Breastfeeding and Chronic Medical Conditions, Wendy Jones

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