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Scleratherpy and Breastfeeding

Another question not frequently asked but something I have been meaning to write for ages. Hope it helps for those who need to have this procedure.

Scleratherapy and Breastfeeding Factsheet

Aripiprazole and Breastfeeding

Aripiprazole seems to be being prescribed more frequently in pregnancy and therfore with newborns but it is becoming apparent from contacts that it can have a massive impact on breastfeeding. I may be seeing the unusual messages but it feels too much of a coincidence. I feel strongly that mums need to know how to watch for poor milk supply and understand the need to monitor their baby for milk intake if they are taking aripiprazole when breastfeeding.

Aripiprazole and Breastfeeding Factsheet

The Synacthen test and breastfeeding

Not a very frequently asked question but one which causes a lot of distress as many mothers are advised to interrupt or stop breastfeeding unnecessarily. Having tests is bad enough without trying to manage milk supply and a distressed baby.

Hope this information that breastfeeding can continue as normal after the test helps

The Synacthen test and breastfeeding factsheet

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