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  • I am currently loading the presentations I have given over the years rather than travel and in the hope that I can reach more people

Training powerpoints added:

Raynaud’s Phenomenon and Breastfeeding Training

Mastitis and Breastfeeding

Candida (thrush) on the breast of breastfeeding mother training powerpoint

Breastfeeding for Pharmacists (aimed at counter assistant training)

Training for Pharmacists 2 (the most frequently prescribed meds)

Pharmacists and breastfeeding training powerpoint ( as delivered to undergrads)

Prescribing during breastfeeding for midwives

Dental Health and Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding for Professionals – CPD

Breastfeeding and anaesthetics the role of the health visitor Powerpoint Training

What would mothers like their healthcare team to know about IBD and breastfeeding?

If you are interested in having training for your group on a specific or topic please contact me. Contributions to my costs valued but not essential. I am more interested in making sure professionals have information on the compatibility of medication and breastfeeding.