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  • I am currently loading the presentations I have given over the years rather than travel and in the hope that I can reach more people

Training powerpoints added:

Raynaud’s Phenomenon and Breastfeeding Training

Mastitis and Breastfeeding

Candida (thrush) on the breast of breastfeeding mother training powerpoint

Breastfeeding for Pharmacists (aimed at counter assistant training)

Training for Pharmacists 2 (the most frequently prescribed meds)

Pharmacists and breastfeeding training powerpoint ( as delivered to undergrads)

Hayfever and Breastfeeding Powerpoint Training ( and video facebook live)

I developed an e-learning package aimed at GPs. It covered topics such as benefits of breastfeeding, thrush, mastitis, poor weight gain, sore nipples and prescribing issues. Some of the statistics are now out of date but the data is still applicable. Message me if you ar interested and I could update it. Wendy@breastfeeding-and-medication.co.uk

If you are interested in a specific group or topic please contact me.