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PET scans whilst breastfeeding

Having a PET scan is scary because it is often associated with a possible diagnosis of cancer, something which as mothers we probably fear most. It is important to take one day at a time and not leap ahead – not the easiest thing to do I know. If possible, store some milk in advance to feed your baby whilst you are seperated. This factsheet contains data on the process of having a scan, preparation and breastfeeding all taken from expert sites which I hope helps.

If the diagnosis does turn out to be cancer then the wonderful organisation Mummy’s Star offer amazing support and deserve more recognition https://www.facebook.com/MummysStar

If you need chemotherapy, I can provide information on how long the drug stays in your system. Some mothers have expressed a desire to pump and dump their milk to maintain a supply until they can feed again. Others plan to relactate at the end of treatment. I will do my best to support your decision.

But for today let’s concentrate on the PET scan and continuing to feed your nursling.

PET Scans and Breastfeeding Factsheet

A large, white circular scanner with a hole in the centre. In front is the flat bed that is moved into the scanner before the scan begins.

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